Monday, 4 May 2015

Big quest for nothing V5.0

I haven't write anything in a while mainly because i didn't had about what to write or didn't had time for it. Meanwhile i manage to don't die in an exploration run and bring to hisec almost 350mil (my goal is 2b in 18d). So here are the news:

The Curse is gone

Or at least this is what i think. I had luck, i didn't died, i sold the stuff, i am happy! Long story short: after DT, Providence was full of sites, mostly data, but the few relic ones gave me the most ISK - somewhere between 120-200mil.

Not much to say as it was a pretty quiet run with no gate camps involved.

What I did with money?
Majority stay in wallet for the next PLEX buy but i still had enough to buy a Vexor Navy Issue for ratting with my alliance (~100mil), with 10mil i bought and fitted an Incursus for some frigate PVP (shame fight for me as i was killed by a Condor with a 1mil fit) and i had to rebuy an exploration frigate as in a second attempt to run in Catch those days i got caught by a Vagabond in a bubble (1 alpha and i was dust) so another ~10mil.

Meanwhile i almost finished the order for my corp leader and my rigs are selling at a good pace in Providence so i am happy.

GOAL OF 2B IN 18D STATUS: 350 - 100 - 10 - 10 - other minor buys = ~200mil. (14d left as i had to be more offline for 2 days)


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