Saturday, 1 August 2015

The second come

I've been pausing my EVE activity due to lack of interest to farm and learn in same time. Now I am free as a bird, and I really want to build an Empire. Again, by trading. I am really interested in understanding the market and how I can manipulate it so here is my setup for this new (and stupid) attempt: after purchasing a PLEX, I have 56 mil to work with, I made a loan request on forum (doubt it will fill thought) and search for some specific items, the requirements for each item will be below.

Now, the goal is to be able to PLEX at the end of the month and still have some assets on market (probably around 3 or 4 billions in total i guess). If the loan would fill, this will be much easier but I can't rely on that.

I really think that I can succed and as my mouse is retard and can't work fine, I can play only EVE, also I may write some fiction (no promises though). See you in game.

The requirements for my items: relatively slow traffic (20-100 units/day), good profit (+20% so I can undercut) and to be not masive (to fit in an Ishkur).


Thursday, 25 June 2015

I did it!

So the exams are over and I hope that soon I will know the results. Meanwhile my EVE business are growing nicely and as far as I can tell they will grow even more because me and a friend plan to open a trade hub in a null sec region but we still think about it so no more news on that.

Most items that I trade are now faction modules or tech 3 cruisers' subsystems and I can make more or less than 20% profit on each with some having really good margins like 50%. I use an assault frigate for hauling and even I know that it is risky, I prefer to have them in Dodixie as soon as possible plus I am not paying any transport taxes so yes, for me it's good to personally haul.

In terms of blogging I was a bit less active because nothing interesting happened, just numbers and some weird discussions and a lot of stress from exams but no action beside Jita's undocking.

I will soon rejoin Faction Warfare as my skills are high enough to PVP properly but I am thinking of selling that alt for like 2bil and invest in main, will see thought.

For now this is all (that rhyme), see you in game,


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Lesson learnt

As I said in a few posts, my trading project is doing good, in every day or even two times a day, I have at least 100-200mil to respend on new items. Usually I fly to Jita to buy the stuff and come back in Dodixie to sell them for a nice profit. Today the same happened: woke up with 160mil to spend, wen to Jita, in my Atron, bough some shiny stuff and this happened at undock:

The suicide ganker was pretty much praying for a good prey because he wouldn't have the time to scan me even if (s)he had instalock because I could warp in less than four seconds. (S)He just randomly chose the easiest target and fire. No problem, I should used insta undock bookmark and it would be OK. Well, I still have more than 900mil in Dodixie, ready to be sold and reused but it may take a day or two. Until then, I have a lesson learnt and I will think twice before using an Atron for hauling hundreds of millions.


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Sweet market grinding

From almost nothing i managed to get up to almost a billion (920mil) in sell orders. It's good but sometimes it's an awful waiting in which you may get lost. I have maybe another week in which i am locked to marketing and then i will see if i will continue with that or move to ratting or anything else.

In the time that i am marketing, i also watch Breaking Bad (good serial by the way), chatting with alliance/corp/other chats or played other games, it makes it enjoyable. Ah, i also learn in that time.

Now, i have a question for you guys, should i write some fan-fiction about EVE? Let your opinions here or in game. Fly safe!


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

I want to name my Fedo!

As you may (or may not) know, i have little to no time to actually play EVE so i only do trading. Until now i have like 400mil in sell orders in hisec, other 100mil in Providence (i want to bring them to hisec too) and almost 70mil on buy orders in hisec (5mil liquid at the momment of writing this).

But i started to think about the period of after this period, when i will have time to do a lot more, and by searching the market i found two very interesting things: Hound Slave and Fedo. By reading the description of them, they seem to be like a pet so i bought 1 of each and start to think about what i can do with them beside to reput them on market and pray to make profit.

After a bit of thinking i found the answer: I will go on adventures with them! Already had a gas harvest ship ready to be undocked so i put the two little guys in the cargo, and tryed to rename them but... i couldn't. I know that there are more important aspects of the game that should be improved but i really want to be able to name my mods and items that i own (e.g: i'd name a Fedo like "Heisenberg" or a gun like "Spitfire"), so i'd be even more hurt when i lost a ship that cost more than half of my wallet.

Hope that in a day i will be able to shoot guys when having "Heisenberg" in cargo...


Friday, 12 June 2015

Market opportunity?

Below is what i think that "market opportunity" means: a relatively high volume item don't have enough supply and by checking the item's price history i see that there was a high order filled. I though a bit and decided to buy first 2 orders and resell them at 1.5mil. I know that i will be undercut but that's why i chose 1.5mil as starting point so i have from what to cut. I hope in a ~25 to 50% profit overall. 

Also i invested in other items that i think will worth, gonna see if they sell fast enough.


Carebearing like a ... carebear

Didn't posted for a while so here i am with a bit of news. As i have less time to play, i decided to farm. I mined and now i will do some missions, looking to get to level 4 missions ASAP. I am doing missions for Sister of EVE as i don't need standings at the momment but ISK.

Speaking of ISK, some may ask if i will PLEX this month and the answer is YES! A nice guy said that if i get good marks at the next exams will give me a PLEX and then other guy said the same. I may not activate the PLEX until the exams are over but i have the FW alt, meanwhile training for PVP, and i will contract all my assets to it until i am free.

Also, on my main i am grinding both skills and ISK for an Incursions ship curently i met like 95% of the skill requirements for a ship but i have only like 25% of the money that i'd need but i know that once i have a ship ready to do Incursions i will be able to PLEX in ~a week or so and the rest of the month to have fun.

That's all for today, if you have any question, requests, want to donate etc, comment below or add "Lupan Anton" or "Pierre Vaillant" in game. See you in space!