Saturday, 1 August 2015

The second come

I've been pausing my EVE activity due to lack of interest to farm and learn in same time. Now I am free as a bird, and I really want to build an Empire. Again, by trading. I am really interested in understanding the market and how I can manipulate it so here is my setup for this new (and stupid) attempt: after purchasing a PLEX, I have 56 mil to work with, I made a loan request on forum (doubt it will fill thought) and search for some specific items, the requirements for each item will be below.

Now, the goal is to be able to PLEX at the end of the month and still have some assets on market (probably around 3 or 4 billions in total i guess). If the loan would fill, this will be much easier but I can't rely on that.

I really think that I can succed and as my mouse is retard and can't work fine, I can play only EVE, also I may write some fiction (no promises though). See you in game.

The requirements for my items: relatively slow traffic (20-100 units/day), good profit (+20% so I can undercut) and to be not masive (to fit in an Ishkur).


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