Wednesday, 3 June 2015

That look

In EVE, first time i was impressed by the graphics. It was so good, i knew the game (even if it was 12 years old) couldn't look like Tetris but still... It was so detailed but my (crappy) PC still could run it on almost max settings and i was like hit by lightning.

Sometimes i am sad because i don't enjoy the scenery like i did when i played first times...


  1. It's funny because the way we play the game demands that you have the camera zoomed out 20 or 30 km, so hero's of the show, the ships, are hardly ever on screen beyond a dot ni the middle somewhere.

    The things I'm really liking at the moment are the new POS forcefield effects and warp disruption bubbles - those things look cool.

  2. Yeah the warp bubbles are looking cool but i hate to be in one lol.