Wednesday, 17 June 2015

I want to name my Fedo!

As you may (or may not) know, i have little to no time to actually play EVE so i only do trading. Until now i have like 400mil in sell orders in hisec, other 100mil in Providence (i want to bring them to hisec too) and almost 70mil on buy orders in hisec (5mil liquid at the momment of writing this).

But i started to think about the period of after this period, when i will have time to do a lot more, and by searching the market i found two very interesting things: Hound Slave and Fedo. By reading the description of them, they seem to be like a pet so i bought 1 of each and start to think about what i can do with them beside to reput them on market and pray to make profit.

After a bit of thinking i found the answer: I will go on adventures with them! Already had a gas harvest ship ready to be undocked so i put the two little guys in the cargo, and tryed to rename them but... i couldn't. I know that there are more important aspects of the game that should be improved but i really want to be able to name my mods and items that i own (e.g: i'd name a Fedo like "Heisenberg" or a gun like "Spitfire"), so i'd be even more hurt when i lost a ship that cost more than half of my wallet.

Hope that in a day i will be able to shoot guys when having "Heisenberg" in cargo...


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