Friday, 8 May 2015

What I've learned from EVE

As many games, EVE learn you something, a bit more than other I'd say. In almost 5 months in New Eden and i want to share with you what I've learnt in this time. Firstly i need to say that for many of you, 5 months are literally nothing but for me it was a very interesting period. So, what I've learnt from EVE:

Time is gold - you need to have patience for things to work, you can't and you shouldn't hurry if you don't know what to do. You can speed up the skill queue in EVE only by remapping or by purchasing implants, but you should know what are you doing before spending hundreds of millions on implants or before you throw away the remaps.
Use your brain - you have one, you should use it. Scams, gate camps, pursuits, reverse psychology
and a lot more. All of these are in EVE and if you will won't think twice before you do anything then your wallet and clone may be in danger.
Trust no one - if you don't know him in real life (and even then) just try to be sceptical to everyone and everything in New Eden. After some months/years with some players you could trust them but remember, there were some big thief in EVE that took years of trust. This works in real life too.
Best ship is friendship - this may interfere with the above, as i said to trust nobody in this game, but you can't be alone in this game (nor in life), solo you are a free target, but in a corporation and in an alliance, you can do big things. Example: past days, my alliance, Tide Elemental did a pretty large fleet (large for me) of more than 450 ships in a try to take a SBU. I tried to fly with them but sadly, i couldn't stay until the action begun, but i watched Daopa's stream (link on "Link list" > right part of the blog) and it was a pretty big fight. Next day i've found that we got the SBU. Starcade was my second corporation and i stayed there just because i had guys (and Kiarla) to talk with, they were helpful and accepted a noob. You need those type of guys in EVE and life.
You can succeed in anything - you just need to have goals and stick to them.

That's most that i learnt from playing EVE, of course i didn't write about small things, it would be worthless.
More next time!


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