Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Fighting for freedom!

I watch MarkeeDragon pretty much every time i have time. He is a nice guy, he has some good tips, and he brought me to FW, well his videos, that proved me that PVP is a funny thing and can bring hell a lot of money. So i decided to start an alt with my buddy invite link, send him some money for a PLEX and a bit more for some ships and skills.

Minmatar this time

In both real life and video games i prefer to be the "good guy", and as i was a proud Gallente member with both my main and other alt, i decided that i should be Minmatar this time. I liked the idea that Gallente were "freedom guys", I wasn't too much into Caldary (i enjoy missiles thought), and i hate Ammar for practising slaves trades so Minmantar seemed to be the right chose.

My FW alt is named "Pierre Vailant" (reference to Lupan Anton, some might know), i made him thinking about a young hope that can bring freedom for Minmantar forever. Let's get into game.

Rens and Thrashers

I choosed Rens as main base because it was the nearest trading hub (didn't check Hek) and there i could buy/sell things faster.

On my first attempt to defensive plex, in Amanake, 2 Thrashers were camping the gate and could instalock me, 2 shoots and i was dust. Next try, i bought another Rifter, planned to avoid Amanake, i didn't and almost died but i was able to warp this time. Once in a good Minmatar system, i warped at a large plex, and waited, checking the dscan as the system wasn't so quiet.

I had a bad headache so i couldn't stay too long and didn't focused too much either. In this time, a guy in a Prowler (i though Prowler = good pvp ship, it was a fucking industrial) was baiting me, so i had to warp on and off the plex so many times that i chose to log off.

Later on i managed to do a plex (i got 5775 LP for 10mins of work), and i could do more if a guy could stop to hunt my 3mil Rifter in an Astero. I tricked him a bit, but i was talking to an AirHogs recruiter, i forgot to dock and the guy in Astero got me near a planet.

So far i plan to train my skills more, so i can offensive plex to earn more money (and to win fights). More will come!


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