Sunday, 10 May 2015

InfoBlog No.2

Second episode of "InfoBlog" is here with some news about the blog (of course!), here we go:

New design - i applied for being an official EVE fansite, and using the prerequisite that CCP provides for fansites i changed the look of the blog, hope you like it (any suggestions are welcome). Link for the prerequisite is here:
Fansite Kit - it's a bit (more) outdated but has some very good images to work with (i used Photoshop CS6 for the header), i recommend if you can't get high quality images from elsewhere.

More links - as i wrote on the new page of this blog, i want to link as many EVE content i can, but not so they can link to me, no, just for spreading EVE comunity.

Contest ahead - first i need to PLEX so i can be sure that i can give the prizes. The contest will be a about EVE (probably write a little story), still not very sure about it, more to come.

That's all for now, just a short update on blog status, hope we can become an official fansite, it means a lot for me.


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