Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bashing the Hubs

In FW to get a higher tier (and more LP then) you need to bash the infrastructure hub (IHub) of a system that has been 100% contested. The mission seems easy as the IHub doesn't shoot back, but when the IHub has a shit ton of hit points, you are in a time race, with many war targets in system the mission is a bit harder.

 So far i was in just 2 IHub bashing fleets, one of them was succesful as we destroyed the IHub, and the other was less succesful because we had less than 30 minutes to destroy the structure (downtime was close) and we didn't had too much damage so we gave up and planned to do it after the downtime but i couldn't be there again, i will ask in millitia channel if we got it or no.

It's very interesting to be in one of these fleets (or any fleets at all), as you feel you are part of something and you can make a difference, but my Rifter is pretty low in damage for an IHub bashing fleet, so i guess i will train for a destroyer (Thrasher, Catalyst or Cormorant probably).

My FW alt is doing pretty good with the navy cap boosters and with 1 type of implants but the rest of items have pretty though competition, i want to spread my selling list so i am not bounded in only 5-10 items.

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