Wednesday, 6 May 2015

InfoBlog no.1

"InfoBlog" will be a series in which i will write about blog status, what i plan to write, what's going on with post and that sort of things. So, first episode is here:

Firstly i want to thank you all for your support, even if it's a quiet one, as we hit almost 300 views in less than 3 weeks (not a huge number but for me it is) and for this you have my sincere thanks. I don't aim for millions of viewers, no, i aim for loyal readers, even if they are just a few.

Second thing is the pace of this blog: for most of the time i had like 2 posts per day, mainly because i had time to write and i had about what to write. Now i have less time to be at PC as i will have some important exams this summer so less posts per day as i won't do very much on EVE. On weekends i will try to write more, aiming for 2 - 3 post per day (depends on RL program).

Third thing is the account status: currently i am playing only on Lupan Anton which has  510mil liquid ISK , 163mil in sell orders (null only at this moment) and with around another 100-200mil in assets all over the New Eden (Dodixie/Providence mainly) and i have like 11 days to PLEX, i am pretty sure i can do this easily (i was lazy and didn't explore much in past 3 days so almost no income). I will probably going to pay for a 3 month subscription (if i get my exams ^^) because i want to have a relaxed summer before i am going to high-school, we will see thought...

The fourth and the last thing i  want to speak about is the quality of this blog: as many (i guess all) of you have seen, i am far from being a perfect English writer (speaker) and i am sorry for this as i know this may affect the quality of the blog. Also i am not very skilled in Photoshop or CSS and the blog's template may not be one of the best out there, i will try to improve it if necessary. From a 1-10 scale I'd give my blog a 5.

More on next InfoBlog, fly safe!


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