Saturday, 30 May 2015

InfoBlog No.4

I am back and ready to play/write like a slave on a cotton plantation (ignore racist joke please). So, 3 days i was off, in this time a lot happened: i saw like 1/4 of my country (from train but still), i (and my team) probably managed to be in top 10 (from 41 teams), i made friends but probably i won't see them again (i am sad) and i came back to a fucked PC (some dubious application were installed and i couldn't get more than ~10 fps in anything so i had to clean the PC first...).

At all it was OK, but the part with friends made me sad and i can't get out of this, hope that after a bit of sleep i will be better. I have somethings to write, it will be surprise, stay tuned and see you in game!


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