Sunday, 10 May 2015

Star Talk

In my tiny room, i often think about all kind of stuff, from a great game that i want to make, to New Eden. Most often i am thinking about space, physics and math. Why? I don't know, i love math, i love how all things have sense, how you can do anything with math, you can built life, you can create games, you can do what you want.

Even if i am very interested in writing, my heart belongs to math. National Geographic's series about physics and universe fascinated me from beginning, but "Cosmos a Spacetime Odyssey " and "StarTalk" were astonishing.

What i want to say with these? Just that if WE would stop fighting each other and invest in science, we could make New Eden a reality, but that's almost impossible right now. They will remain with money, we will remain with beuty of math, physics, and more important, imagination.

I really recommend those two shows above, they are mind blowing and fascinating, they make you dream...


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