Monday, 18 May 2015

Damn white paper

I promised an update about my trading project but i was to lazy to write it at the time so here it is: Below are my items that i try to sell, the results of last few days (not bad but it could be much better if the items would traffic faster) and a very interesting item (that Pyth X-Type shield) which i could make a lot of money, but the competition is pretty thought. In this rate i expect to make 1-2 billions until my PLEX expires. So far i aim for medium to low volume items that can bring a bigger profit even if i need to wait a bit for it.

On my FW alt,  i still research for good items to buy with LP as i aim for +1500 ISK/LP rate, so far i have like 70-75 millions in some items but with 120 000 LP left i need to buy more so i expect somewhere between 150-300 millions if i use all of LP.


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