Sunday, 31 May 2015

Finally a... Helios!

I am a bit ashamed that i have been doing for more than 6 months and only now i am able to fly a covops ship (and a stealth bomber) and i trained for it just because my corp leader said that is mandatory to be able to fly a stealth bomber as soon as posible so i put skills to train and went to do FW.

As i was AFK for like 4 days, when i came back to check skill queues i discovered that i have only 2 weeks and 2 days (lol) left on main character so even if i will be able to gather like 1mil LP on FW character i will probably won't be able to buy/sell soon enough to PLEX main (i have more than a month on Pierre and i wait for t2 things to be trained).

This means that i need to explore a bit (a bit more) so i fit up a Helios and headed to Providence to look for some sites but as it was before down time (and lack of time) i did only one relic site (around 16mil in loot). My goal (hope i can actually don't be too lazy to finish it) is to make 1-2bil in 16 days by explorating more or less than 2 hours per day. Will see if i manage to fill up the goal.


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