Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Factional Warfare: actually profitable?

Never though that FW can be so profitable, and more important, never thought that a 150k skill point character can do it profitable. Well it is. You can go to do FW as soon as you start the game (i recommend to do the career agents as they give you basic skills and some ships) and still make a lot of ISK. In 3 hours i managed to get 82k LP so +/- 82mil (if 1 LP = 1000 ISK) and lost like 10mil in ships before i was able to fit properly a ship and don't die like a sheep. For a 2 days old character this means a lot as it can be done almost safely. Also you can go in many fleets with your alliance and learn how to PvP properly, and also the training for t2 fit (frigate) is probably less than a month.

As Markee showed in many streams, you can make more than 1.5bil a week by FW, just need to buy the good items from LP store (search on his channel for this kind of tutorial).

If you want to play EVE, make an account on this link, subscribe for a month or more and if i get a PLEX i will give you half of it's price in that day (more or less than 400mil) or if i get 30 days of game time, i will give you 40 millions (enough to start doing FW and earn a lot more).

LE: I got killed by a Hawk and a Succubus, at least my pod escaped...


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