Sunday, 10 May 2015

Big quest for nothing V5.5

This will be just a small update on my adventures, a bigger post will come soon.

When laziness hits

I don't go to explore. Past 5-6 days i just rat with alliance and mine, i did just a single exploration trip, yesterday, in which i found just one relic and a lots of worthless datas, the relic brought me about 80mil so i can almost sure PLEX, i need just to haul the cargo in hisec. A second exploration trip i plan to do today, after downtime, i will see, but if i manage to do it, probably i can make more than 100mil.

My manufacture empire is stagnating, but rigs and Vexors are selling once a day or two, steady income, i plan to get into large rigs manufacturing as much of Providence guys are using battleships i guess these will sell much faster.

That's all for today, more adventures to come.


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