Sunday, 31 May 2015

Gambling in Jita

Most of community says that local in Jita is awful, worthless etc. I had the same opinion until last Wednesday when i had to do some market things in Jita.

 A guy tried a contract scam (over priced item) and i said that the scam was really weak then a bunch of other guys (we dominated the chat for like half an hour) begun to speak about how weak are some scams and then a guys showed up with a game: he was selling (in contracts) items far more cheap than on market.

First was a bunch of Slicers a 1mil, it was true, there were 1mil and almost bought all except the one that was 1bil, whatever. Next he tried with cheap Confessors and overpriced Coercers, here i could get 1 Confessor but i also got an over priced Coercer.

Then the game stopped, i quick sold the items (made like 10mil profit) and log out. Overall it was a funny experience and if can do it again i would do it.


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