Thursday, 25 June 2015

I did it!

So the exams are over and I hope that soon I will know the results. Meanwhile my EVE business are growing nicely and as far as I can tell they will grow even more because me and a friend plan to open a trade hub in a null sec region but we still think about it so no more news on that.

Most items that I trade are now faction modules or tech 3 cruisers' subsystems and I can make more or less than 20% profit on each with some having really good margins like 50%. I use an assault frigate for hauling and even I know that it is risky, I prefer to have them in Dodixie as soon as possible plus I am not paying any transport taxes so yes, for me it's good to personally haul.

In terms of blogging I was a bit less active because nothing interesting happened, just numbers and some weird discussions and a lot of stress from exams but no action beside Jita's undocking.

I will soon rejoin Faction Warfare as my skills are high enough to PVP properly but I am thinking of selling that alt for like 2bil and invest in main, will see thought.

For now this is all (that rhyme), see you in game,



  1. Congrats on finishing your exams, lets hope you do well :)

    When I had my trading account active I also dealt in T3 subsystems & deadspace items (usually armour repairers) hauling them from Jita/Amarr/Dod to my trade hub Rens, there's quite a markup for those items. I used to haul them in a thrasher and was only ganked the once when I was silly enough to autopilot.

    An AF should be all good, provided you don't linger too long on gates.

  2. Trading is a good income and at the moment i don't want to do something else.