Saturday, 6 June 2015

Stupidity hurts

After the stupid lost of Helios, i did another stupid thing (and didn't follow my advice of using my brain): wanted to try some combat sites so bought a Gila, and fitted it, resulting in a fit around 400mil (with hull) and went on scanning combat sites.

First was a Serpentis Vigil, i had some questions about the tank but it hold on well, sadly no faction drop. Then i found an infamous site for me: Serpentis Phi Outpost, i was used to scan them for my corp's CEO and once i tried to do it in a Worm and by checking the killmail i managed to get the drop but somehow i died.

Time of revenge i said and warped right in the site. Again, the tank was brilliant and if i wasn't idiot i could blitz the site easily but... in the second room, i killed the boss, and went for the wreck (didn't used the MTU i had... don't ask me why) which was behind a huge structure, and i losed like 10mins trying to get to the wreck. In this time a Drake warped in the room and i went full retard mode: targeted the wreck with drones set on aggressive, which destroyed the wreck. I didn't paid attention to it so i though that the Drake (wich had a MTU) stole it and i wanted to look in his MTU.

A bit later (like 1min later) i checked the damage statistics (combat log or however is named) and i saw it: 500 damage to 'TREASURE WRECK' from Navy Hammerheads. I was sad and logged out soon after.

Some hours later i found another Vigil which i runned better than first time and actually got something, a Shadow Serpentis Gyrostabilizer if i remember right which worth ~90mil. Next site was a Serpentis Narcotic Warehouse that was pretty easy to do but had to let my brother to get the loot and, as he said, he warped to a planet and clicked exit (probably with the NPC timer on). I hadn't time to look on the loot until now (i am writing from my laptop) and i can't wait to check it (hope that i wasn't killed while offline again...

I will look into combat sites more as they are easy to do and can bring a lot of ISK and i need that isk (i need like 1bil) for this month PLEX which i must buy in 10 days.


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