Thursday, 4 June 2015


I was exploring like all time, when i see a new WH: i go there, activate it, scan the sigs, sell the hisec entrance for a bit of money, and then the power cut off (i was i a safespot). When i came back, SURPRISE! i am in a pod. 'The fuck happened? Where is my fucking ship? THE FUCK?!', i check the killmails and SURPRISE! a fucking drifter killed me. 'I was i a safespot, i should be safe even if i'd emergency jump (that happens when you don't log off safely)' i though, and went to ask on chat channels for help, most suggesting to write a support ticket, i did it. When i ask on the channel where i sold the entrance, the buyer says that, SURPRISE!, he found my wreck near a combat anomaly (he was killed too).

I don't ask for reimbursement, even if that ships had a cargo that probably could safe my PLEX, no, i ask for answers: why the fuck i was killed when i was offline and most important, why the i emergency jump right in that anomaly, it was just the (un)luck? Whatever, i wait for the answer from CCP, until then i go to do something to relax, maybe i will mine or rat...

PS: I will revenge on Drifters!!!



  1. From my understanding when you disconnect your ship warps off in a random direction & then will sit there for 1 minute. I checked zkillboard for that system you'll notice that the kill history doesn't go back past 2/6/15 - this looks like a new drifter wormhole. I'm going to hazard a guess that your ship was sitting there for a minute and that drifter battleship scanned you out and popped you or your random warp just happened to put you in an anomoly, though that is a guess. They've got nasty AI - a drifter battleship even followed a player who agressed it back to their pos, refinforced the POS and then came back at the reinforcement timer to destroy the pos:

  2. I heard that Drifters are nasty but the (un)luck to randomly warp near a Drifter is weird :D

  3. Maybe you had an aggression timer? other than that, you'll still sit there for 30 seconds before you log out...

    1. I am 100% i didn;t had a timer (as i don't PVE/PVP in a Helios) but i think that in those 30 secs, some drifters appeared or something, hard to explain.