Saturday, 23 May 2015

When you help somebody...

I am new to EVE compared to guys that play from the beggining so i ask a lot of questions, what i should fit here?, should i go there? etc but also i am a bit more experienced than newbros and i have a lot of fun teaching them.

Yesterday, a guy that joined AirHogs a day ago (ISKHogs - FW part of AirHogs) and that didn't knew what FW involve (he was poded in hisec with most of his items), wanted to quit the corp. I asked him why and he said that those things (PvP) are far more late in game than he is (he has like 1.5mil sp).

We then begun a conversation about how to get money and have fun doing FW, a conversation that lasted almost 3 hours! But it was my best time in EVE so far, i brought him to Rens, explained how to fit a ship for PvP (an Incursus for the moment), how to choose what system to do plexes as a noob and at the end of conversation i gave him like 30mil for future fits and he was very thankful.

The feeling that you helped somebody is just awesome and i say that all veterans should help the noobs if they have time to do it properly.


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