Monday, 18 May 2015

The difference between EVE's community and others

Any game has a community around it. For those games that focus on multiplayer the community is an important part of the game (more important than for singleplayer game). Most of the games (focused on multiplayer) out there are pretty easy to handle even by kids (i don't have problems with kids) and this can lead to less... fun in game. 

Let's take some examples: League of Legends, Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, DoTA and many more are quite easy to be handled by kids and kids don't have the best patience so if the game isn't going how they want (this rule applies to some adults too) they start to rage or to quit the game, in generally spoiling your game. 

The complexity of EVE is a good thing in this thing as by that the community is  "filtered" by most of ragers and other game-spoiling dudes (the subscription method also filter the community as most of the kids aim for free games). 

Until now i meet only nice people in EVE (ignoring trolls, but still no rager or idiot players) with which i could laugh and get over real life problems (a girl from a chat was suffering from depression and the guys in chat were really cool and nice with her and supported her - this happened in November 2014).

In final i want to say that i haven't met a community like EVE's one (maybe TF2's community) and i am proud that i can be a part of it.

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