Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Big quest for nothing V4.0

Heron's Curse
Aaaand i died again. How? Well i was doing a Catch tour, getting good ISK but when looking on map for a returning route, surprise! the shortest route was probably heavy camped as in an hour there died 30 ships so i chose another route. The road was a bit too travelled for my taste but nothing happened until 1 jump before lowsec. In that cursed system (it was in Curse region lol) i was caught in a gate camp by 14 guys with Sabres and other nasty and scary ships. I chose to align to a planet, activated warp drive and at 1 fucking second before i could start to warp to safety, a bubble has been deployed. At least it was fast, in less than 1 second being killed and then podded (only 1 volley for the ship lol) and there went 150mil...

Gods were invoked.

The future

I have noticed that i lost a lot more Herons than any other ships so i choose a Probe for my next exploration trip. Also my corp's leader gave me an industry project for the corp so i am busy getting all the things and skills i need for all the stuff, i hope i can get some profit out of it. Speaking of industry, my rig empire is growing as they are selling pretty good for a nullsec region, i am happy so far and i look forward to extend it.

The goal

18 days in which i MUST get at least 600mil as PLEX is going higher and higher so i set up a goal for myself: get at least 2billions in 18 days. The surplus is for funding the Incursions ship that i plan to fly.

That's pretty much for today as i prefer to write more post with small updates than write a huge post but less frequently as i may forget some things. Thanks for reading me!


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