Saturday, 18 April 2015

What's your plan CCP?

DISCLAIMER!: These are just my opinions and you can or can not agree with me.
Looking into newest devblogs, seems that CCP wants to boost null sec activities. How i come to this conclusion? Well let's see the facts:

- they will change the SOV system and it's most likely that the new one will favour more PVP which leads to more ships being destroyed and more materials are needed.
- the ore changes are boosting somehow null sec mining in addition with doubling of megacyte and zydrine quantities needed to build almost all items.

So more PVP  >  more ships needed  >  more resources needed which leads to a higher demand of minerals (mostly miners can profit from this aside from traders) and this leads to either a rise of industry items' cost or an increase in the number of miners from hisec to null sec.

if we look in the minerals' prices, just zydrine and megacyte are going up, all other sinking. i think that most players don't buy from market, probably because of the incertitude of what will happen, also they probably stack up waiting for prices to rise after the patch, though i think only megacyte and zydrine will be higher before this bubble (from Fanfest, the price for this two items is rising, but i doubt it will go higher after the patch).

Miners in null sec are probably the most affected from these changes as more activity will bring more loses to them or a lower of supply so if the number of null sec miners will stay flat, i expect the prices of rare ore (and minerals) to rise with 10 - 20% and with them, the most ships probably even if not so much, otherwise, if more people go to mine, the prices will stay more closer the the old ones.

Conclusions: CCP wants more PVP and a bit of inflation in EVE. What are your thoughts?


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