Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Manufacturing in EVE

I said in an earlier that i have started some industry jobs. Today i just finished my first batch of rigs that i look to sell in Providence and also finished a faction cruiser for one of my corp mate. Overall with the cruiser sold i made a profit of 8 millions as i start the job before the update was alive and i wait to see how fast the rigs will sell, planning to sell the second batch in northern region of Providence.

In this time i though about manufacturing in EVE and i think that it's the most non-newb-friendly career to choose. You need pretty high skills and a good starting capital if you want to actually make some profit (of course you can start as soon as you want but the profit will be almost null). At this point i was thinking about making manufacturing a bit more newb-friendly but i got the conclusion that you can't let a 1 day old character (first time in EVE) to flood markets just because they don't understand the economy yet.

As a conclusion, for me at least, manufacturing is a career very well optimised for the the game: until your skills train up you will learn more about different items and their economy so you can actually make profit by manufacturing. I may be wrong of course.


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