Friday, 17 April 2015

EVE, you are drunk

2 days ago EVE was drunk. Me and others couldn't search for other players, when we searched in "People&places" a character name (mostly our alts), the game told us that those characters don't exists. OK we said and we went back to our business.

Second bug was when i tried to jump to another system. All went fine until the gate warped me back in the system where i already was ( A > B, returned to A). Asked other guys if they ever got this bug, seems i was the only one.

The third and the last one was the most annoying. The launcher didn't want to show me the log in screen and sometimes it told me that i was not connected to internet (i was). Restarted it several times, same errors. Tried to "Repair" the launcher, but the repair process blocked. i finally succeeded to log in after i restarted the PC.

A short first post, more to come, until then, what bugs did you encountered in EVE?


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