Sunday, 26 April 2015

Big quest for nothing V3.5

If something can go wrong IT WILL go wrong
I was wandering around Providence - Catch for a day, i can't complain too much as i got around 100-130mil from 5 sites but on my way back i made a mistake: didn't stop looking for sites when the local was spiking. And with 5 jumps from Providence, i was destroyed in a relic site by a Loki (he warped cloacked in site, then instalock, i had no chance). We spoke a bit after and that was all.

Back in Dodixie, i remembered that i have pretty good industry skills so i researched the market a bit (a bit too less but anyway) and bought a few "boosted" BPCs of some defensive rigs. As i didn't had the salvage material required, a guy in alliance offered discounted materials, if i go in Providence for them. In a heron i can't haul all the things back and forth so i decided to set up my rig empire in Providence.

Meanwhile the guy that killed me wanted a convo. "Let's give it a shot" i said. He said that he read my blog and he is also a Providence guy and wants to teach me about doing exploration. 
The downtime was there and we couldn't continue but he mailed me some Astero fits (i said to him that i can't afford an Astero, of course i lied as i have more than 350mil left but i don't have nerves for another Astero lost at the momment). I wait him to be online so as we can talk widely, until then, fly safe!


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