Friday, 24 April 2015

Big quest for nothing V2.0

I decided to do from "Big quest for nothing" a series as i will mainly do exploration so here is the part 2. Firs part can be found here.

After the hunt for an "Augmented" Ogre BPC, and after i saved my already found BPCs in Hek, i decided to do a last run in Eterium Reach, but in my way back to Hek, i found a WH to nullsec, that happened to be near my alliance's zone: Providence. "Good" i said and went to Provi.

Already got like 200mil in BPCs so some more money from relics won't hurt, i thought. Sadly in over 40 jumps i couldn't get more than 40mil from 5 sites. I decided to go to bring the BPCs left in Hek and haul all the stuff to Dodixie where i could escape of the Jita's chat but i could also get a preety good price.

82 jumps later i am in Dodixie, selling the salvage, checking prices of BPCs and then making a fair contract (in total 10bpcs at aprox. +20% more than other contracts = 220mil). Also i started 2 industry jobs (got the Yacht and Shuttle BPCs after i saw i had them on this account).

Later, after the Yacht was made, i could sell it at ~94mil, a nice ammount of free isk but it could be a lot better 1-2 weeks ago. After all this thing i have made a profit of ~350mil, 90 going in an Astero that i was aiming for some time. At the momment, my whealth is 465mil.

That's all for today, see you next time.

PS: Astero looks so sick!!!


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