Thursday, 23 April 2015

It's a cold dark night in October

Within my very first steps in EVE I've been listening music in background, I've tried rap, rock, and many other genres (many OST from different games too) but the one has a special place in my heart:
Cargo Commander's OST - Down the Drain (actually i don't know how a single music can be named a "soundtrack" but whatever). I guarantee that in long runs (especially if you let him to infinitely replay in a music player) can be very enjoyable: that tired banjo, that tired voice speaking of a cold dark night in October, it's so relaxing, can't explain without thinking about a night of October trapped in deepest parts of space, while you think about your home, and the fact that you don't have one, it's so melancholic. If you want to listen some music while you play EVE, recommend this.


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