Monday, 20 April 2015

Big quest for nothing

My character, Lupan Anton, is skilled mainly on exploration so i though that the most lucrative method to make ISK at this moment. So far so good, i've activated my imicus, set up the waypoints, and undocked. Providence has prove that it's a good zone for exploration, when you find sites. i didn't. in more than 72 jumps, i only got a data site with crap loot (~1mil), this was my first part of big quest for nothing.

Later that day, decided that i can't go back to Dodixie (or Jita) with just 1 mil so i though about my forbidden love: Etherium Reach. I was there only 2 times in my entire career as an explorer, 1 time getting like 1bil from just 1 data site and the other time being killed in a gate camp. "it worth" i said and set up my route to deepest parts of Etherium Reach.

Etherium Reach, one of the most quiet systems in New Eden, mostly because DED sites are worse than those from other null sec regions. i don't know about combat sites, but data ones, when you can find them, can worth more than 1bil, being very easy to hack (although the cans don't explode when you fail to hack them, you have to bring some firepower as every time you fail to hack a site, some rogue drones will attack you).

The region was quiet as usually but the data sites refused to show, managing to find just 1 site in like 20 jumps (totally 92 jumps) but i barely got 12mil. Bigger luck next time i said and i took a break of another 4 hours.

Night time is time for most EVE players to show, but Etherium Reach remained quiet so i could search for big drops. Now bad things begin: i've found some sites, failed to hack one of cans, some drones started to fire me, i launched my drones but i forgot to target the enemy ones, so i got almost destroyed until i realised my mistake. Had to warp off (forgoting my drones of course), warp back and kill the drones, after hacks, the reward was a bit better but still low for how much i searched for it. Then the region begin to get flooded, i've wine in corp's chat and 2 guys wanted to help me (i thanks them very much) as i was almost dead, couldn't dock and with no drones (forgot again to bring drones after another site).

Finaly i could make it to hisec with help of a corp member, but the exploration was a fail, getting less than 200mil in more than 120 jumps.

TL;DR: 120 jumps for less than 200mil, forgot my drones in middle of nowhere, and almost died.


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