Thursday, 23 April 2015

Why EVE is special?

I've got my first PC at age of 6. From then I've been playing quite a lot of games, mostly because i was just installing and uninstaling them without actually finish most of them. Why? I don't know, i love to read, but it's awful for me to play an RPG, or a game that actually has a story, simply i don't have the patience for it. I finished most of COD games, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and maybe another 2 or 3 smaller games, but no RPG finished yet. In 2011 i've found a MMO (Microvolts if you are curious) and there was the beginning of my online gamer path. I played it for a time, mainly because i could don't care about any story if i didn't want to, i was having fun. In the same year i started playing Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends.

Also, i hate MMORPGs, i don't like to spend 1 day just doing same thing over and over just for a level up, it's stupid. Then why i play EVE? Before i actually made an account and get into the game, i search a bit of informations/reviews, majority claiming EVE learning's curve is huge and that EVE is a complicated game overall. But then i found that you could do basically what you want (also some epic stories about thefts, huge battles etc. made me curious about the game). I said "fuck it" and made an account then plexed it with a friend's help.

I need to say that i never found EVE to be complex or confusing, many on internet claiming that the tutorial is a shit, i found it very helpful (not the exploration one thought). I quickly found that EVE is a game for actually smart peoples (don't get offended but that's it), not for raging kids that I've played in LoL, CSGO and other games (i know i was a kid too but i was not that type, i swear). That's what i enjoy most in EVE: the comunity, which i found to be one of the best in gaming industry, and the fact that you actually have to use that thing called brain if you want to play EVE. So that's why i think EVE is special, it makes you thing, it's harsh, and it doesn't give a fuck if you can't adapt. Here's one of my favourite quotes about EVE:

"Welcome to Eve Online. Here's a rubik's cube, go fuck yourself."
                                                            - designer Kristoffer Touborg, discussing Eve's UI.
PS: Why EVE is special to you?


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