Saturday, 18 April 2015

Old toon, old dirt

So i reactivated my old and main account, Lupan Anton, and i have to cleau up some assets, mainly spread ammong null and hi sec. The newer account i will still use for trading until it expires (don't think i can do a PLEX from 10mil as starting capital in 12 days) then i will move the assets to Anton. Main problem is to set back the industry jobs but i am very lazy so this may take a while.

Hope i will be accepted as a scout for our alliance's incursion fleet, as i don't have enough skills for t2 tank and guns nor capital for battleship and to be a scout would be a good initiate for incursions.

This month will be very busy for me, as i have some important exams at school, and i don't know how much time i will be able to spend on PC, though i'll try to update the blog as much as i can and for EVE i am looking in null sec exploration as a main income source.

LE: No incursion for me because my internet didn't work so i couldn't connect, better luck next time.


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