Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Big quest for nothing V3.7

Just a quick update on my exploration trips: i did another run after the last post from this series and i succefully brought like 60milions to a station in Providence. I plan to get more loot there before i haul them to hisec as i save time. Also like 10millions of those i will keep there for my manufacture jobs.

My Heron is ready to go and i will soon update this series, but after a travel through Catch, hope no many gate camps. Speaking of gate camps, i escaped a Svipul in the previous run, probably because i was too far away for his warp scramble to work (like 13 km away but i saw the icon of warp scrambler on my ship) or because he accidentally stoped it, anyway i am happy with +60mil as i will soon need to PLEX.


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