Saturday, 25 April 2015

Mosaic - opinions

The next EVE's update, Mosaic deserves its name: it's mostly focused on skins that will be introduced. The most important changes, in my opinion, are those for ores and  SOV changes. The others are either purely aesthetic or minor changes. As i talked about ore and SOV changes here, i will be talking about what i think are the others important updates:

This feature is meant to help new players to handle the game more easily, and CCP reports that the players who tried Opportunities went more deep in New Eden than those who did just the tutorial.
Of course it's useful to have more tutorials about different aspects of the game but without getting any reward out of them is quite time consuming. For me, an older player, i think that they can help a new player that don't give a shit about making ISK and is a bit confused about how the game works but for a player that actually wants to make ISK by any reason, without rewards Opportunities is a drawback.

3D Star Map
The new map is almost ready and so far it looks pretty damn good. Well, except that it's functionality (in beta) is a bit... odd, especially when you want to probe something but i trust CCP will do a good job with new maps.

All updates can be found here


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